Hey ya’ll ! Sorry for the unexpected hiatus in my blog posts! Life happened. And here we are. Lol.

So, here is my video I made regarding dissociation, the next video in my journey to wellness series. In it I talk about what dissociation means and what my personal experience with it is. I also share some ways to combat this experience that was shared with me by my therapist at the time.

Let me know your thoughts and/or your suggestions to combat dissociation if you are one that experiences it! Let’s get the conversation going!

For more videos on this topic, I would suggest searching “Kati Morton dissociation” in a YouTube search! She’s a professional and I am not! I’m just a person in search of healing.

Until next time!


Strategies for Wellness

Hello friends,

Today’s video discusses some different ways I’ve found to help stay mentally well. It takes much more than therapy and medication to achieve the level of happiness we want to reach. So, grab a pen and paper, and write these down! Add some of your own ideas to your list and comment below if you want to share your thoughts! Whenever you need to cope, you can have something ready to look at that you can refer to. You can also google or do a pinterest search for Coping Skills and it will bring up lists upon lists of different coping ideas. I’ll put one of those lists down below:


I hope you all enjoyed today’s episode and blog and find it helpful for you. Keep fighting and keep looking up. You’ve got this.


Something Good

Hello friends,

The first part of this video I discuss Monavie juice, which I no longer drink. The main part to take away from that is that your nutrition is important whether it is through diet or vitamins. Both can definitely help how you feel physically.

There was not much to this video besides me catching viewers up on my life after my grandma’s death and figuring out how great physical exercise made me feel. I look back on this now and realize that I need to try desperately to implement that same exercise in my life again now that I am not doing as well as I was in this video.

The main take away from today’s video was that despite the sadness and bad going on around us there is always some sort of silver lining – some sort of positive perspective for us to look into instead of the opposite. If you didn’t enjoy this video, don’t worry. They’ll get more in depth into mental health again after this one, so stay in your seat. 😉


Hope you guys have a great week. I’ll see you next time.


Opening Up

Hello friends,

One thing is for sure – opening up to someone is HARD. Like I say in this video, you have to experience that uncomfortable feeling for a moment when you share your story to someone in order to begin healing. But…. there are helpful things to try to get your story across when trying to communicate! Writing is one of them!

Let us not be locked down and silenced by fear. We need to open up and share – for ourselves and for those around us. You never know who is being inspired by YOUR actions.


Join one of the greatest support groups on the internet! The people that follow Kati Morton on YouTube, a.k.a. Kinions, would love to show their support for you. I am also here for you. My e-mail and comment sections are always open for you.


The Past

This is one of my more vulnerable videos. I am being open and honest about my past and the difficult things I endured throughout the course of that time. Things have changed since I made this video, which I will briefly mention here:

  • I currently am back on medication for things that I deal with. There’s nothing wrong with being on them if you need to be. At that time I wasn’t in need of that sort of intervention but, with time, things always have the possibility of changing.
  • I no longer work where I work where I said I did in the video. I work in a laboratory now, which leads me to my next bullet point.
  • I didn’t get my bachelor’s in nursing, but in Clinical Lab Science instead.
  • My relationship with my mother isn’t in the same state as it was in the video. I didn’t truly have her back, and I don’t have her now. Yes, she is living, but the relationship between us is severed due to choices that she has made. Yes, I do carry some bitterness about it now.

This is a very condensed version of the things of my past but I wanted to be open and share my story so that maybe someone out there will find the courage to share theirs as well. We currently live in a society that wants to hush these sorts of outcries but do not be hushed, do not have fear. Your story is worthy of being heard and you are worthy of healing.

I really hope that you took the time to watch the entire video, and if you did, thank you. It took a lot of guts for me to make and share that video when I did. It might even answer some questions for some of you that know me as to why I acted the way I did in the past…especially in school. I was enduring a lot. It was hard for people to understand because it hadn’t happened to them. HOWEVER, I am so glad that these people had not experienced this and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Just having a friend during that time meant the world to me.

I hope that you can take away something positive from my vulnerability in this video and it can even possibly help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and specifically abuse. I want all of you reading this and watching my video to know this: there is help, there is hope, and there is healing available to those who seek it. Don’t be afraid to do so. Your life is worth it.

xo, Alyson

The Beginning

Hello, friends.

So, since it has been a while that I have worked on my Journey to Wellness series, I am going to get you all caught up with some videos I made on it about five years ago. I considered remaking them since they are older now, but the information is still relevant and I still want the same things. In this first video, I introduce the series and set some goals that I have pertaining to my mental health and wellness. Five years later, I still have not fully accomplished all of these things I set out to accomplish but, I am still trying. That’s what matters. Take a few minutes, check out the video, and if you have any questions/comments you can leave them below or click on the “Contact Me” tab and send it to me that way.

I look forward to continuing this journey with you, whether it be in vlog or blog form. I hope you’ll stick around.

xo, Alyson

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