The Beginning

Hello, friends.

So, since it has been a while that I have worked on my Journey to Wellness series, I am going to get you all caught up with some videos I made on it about five years ago. I considered remaking them since they are older now, but the information is still relevant and I still want the same things. In this first video, I introduce the series and set some goals that I have pertaining to my mental health and wellness. Five years later, I still have not fully accomplished all of these things I set out to accomplish but, I am still trying. That’s what matters. Take a few minutes, check out the video, and if you have any questions/comments you can leave them below or click on the “Contact Me” tab and send it to me that way.

I look forward to continuing this journey with you, whether it be in vlog or blog form. I hope you’ll stick around.

xo, Alyson

Link to Kati Morton’s Youtube Channel

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